Refund/Cancellation Policy

J W Boylin Group is quite a diverse group of businesses and therefore each business has its own refund/cancellation policy to suit. Some, given the nature of the business, do not have refund/cancellation policies.

However, as a general policy across all of the Group's businesses we always attempt to work with customers to resolve any issues prior to a refund/cancellation becoming necessary.
If the issue cannot be resolved, the following policies apply for the following businesses:
Boylin Handling Solutions
All customers are provided with a 12-month return-to-base warranty, so any issues that arise during this period will be resolved and repairs provided where necessary.
Beach Hut Leisure
Cancellations made during the period of a customer making a deposit and the order being finalised, can be made, but the deposit payment will not be returned (unless the cancellation arises from our inability to fulfil the order).

All products are provided with a 3-year guarantee for parts and workmanship, and an optional 10-year insurance-backed guarantee against rot and infestation, so any reasonable grounds for refund can be addressed under these guarantees.
Self Store 24
Cancellations can be made on storage agreements/contracts, although any overpaid balances for the period in which the customer will not be present in the storage space will not become refundable.

Cancellations can be made 7 days prior to the expiry of a term. Cancellations made after this period may be subject to a late cancellation charge.

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